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Our Services

All of our prices are exactly what is listed here. We do not charge more for hair length or anything else. What you see here is what you get. We have both in-house and travel services for special events. Travel is included in the price up to 30 mins away, anything further than that, and there will be a price per mileage fee (Please inquire for an exact quote). You will receive $10 off for booking in-house. You may ask us any questions about any of the services we provide. Our emails are always answered within 72 hours. Price is Per Person


                   Hair and Makeup Package   $215                   

                          Day of event hair and makeup                                                                                     

                    Updo or Elegant Downstyle Only $110                   Day of the event hairstyle with pins

                                        (no makeup)                                                              

                                 Makeup Only  $110                                                                 Day of event makeup application

                                     (lashes included)                                            

                                 False Lashes Only $15                                                                Application of false lashes

                                (not lash extensions)                                                             

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