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1. Can you provide both hair and makeup for my bridal party of 5 or more?

Since having my first child in 2023 I only perform both hair and makeup for small bridal parties. No more than 3 people will be allowed to book both hair and makeup services. If however you have a large bridal party and would like to book me for just hair or just makeup I can accommodate groups up to 6 sometimes up to 8 depending on your time frame.

2. Do you travel to me for the trial (practice run)?

I perform all trials in my bridal suite at her home in Downingtown PA. 

3. How much time does it take for one hair? one makeup?

The industry standard for hair and makeup is 1 hour per service. I also need 30 minutes to set up and 30 minutes to clean up. Cutting down this time-frame will also cut down on the quality of my work so it is a requirement. In the 18 years that I have been a makeup artist following this time frame has never let me run behind for a wedding. This is an industry-standard time frame and will  not be any different if you choose another company due to this.

4. What does a typical wedding day schedule look like with an ending time of 2pm and a bridal party of 6?

7:30-8- Set up (Bridal party does not need to be here at this time) 

8-9- service one

9-10- service two

10-11- service three

11-12- service four

12-1- service 5

1-2- service 6

2-2:30- Clean up (Bridal party does not need to be here at this time) 

5. Can we come to you to get ready?

I have a bridal suite in my home now and will happily accommodate you should you choose to get ready here. 

6. How does payment work?

I take Venmo only as payment. Wedding payments are due one week before the wedding day. 

7. Do you require a deposit?

 Yes, I require a $25 deposit per bridal party member getting services to hold your date. This money cannot be transferred to services should a bridal party member choose to cancel their services. 

8. Will a schedule for that day be provided?

Yes to keep things running smoothly I will provide a schedule for the day of the wedding so that each member of the group knows what time their services begin. 

9. Do you offer discounts for weekday weddings or Sundays?

 Unless I am running a monthly special, we do not offer discounts. 

10. How much do you charge for services? 

All of our service prices are listed on our website under book/view pricing. If you have any questions please fill out a contact form

11. Do you charge a travel fee?

Travel is included in my pricing up to 40 minutes away, after that travel cost is dependent on mileage and tolls. Please fill out a contact form for the exact price. 

12. Can I pay you extra to touch me up all day?

 Unfortunately, this is not a service I provide any more

13. How much experience do you have? 

I have been a bridal makeup artist for 18 years and a hairstylist for 15 years. I have owned my own bridal company for 8 years. 



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