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About Me

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  My only goal in this lifetime is to make women feel and look as beautiful as they are. It was actually never a dream of mine to become a makeup artist. In fact, I wanted to be a teacher my whole life, but I was always obsessed with the beauty industry. I would spend hours at night before bed trying beauty products, makeup techniques, and hairstyles for school the next day. My friends started noticing and would ask me to do their hair and makeup for parties, dances, and proms. Finally, when I turned sixteen, I realized that maybe I was going in the wrong direction for my dreams. That's when I decided to become a hairdresser and started my education as a makeup artist. In cosmetology school, I participated in makeup competitions where I placed first and moved on to compete at the regional level. One day my cousin asked me if I would do her hair and makeup for her wedding and that's when it all started. From there, I went on to do my coworkers' and then by word of mouth my wedding business started to take off. I started advancing my skills by taking classes with famous makeup artists including Mario Dedivanovic who has worked with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Gabrielle Union, and Kelly Ripa. Eventually I started working at a salon that offered makeup and became their lead makeup artist. My skills started to soar, but as much as I loved it, I missed being in control of the makeup that I did and the brands that I used. Eventually it was time to move on and that's how I ended up here. I have been doing hair now for fourteen years and makeup for seventeen. I love every part of my job, but the best is the thanks I get from people who tell me they've never felt so beautiful. Every woman can be told they are pretty, but to truly feel it is something spectacular. 

                                                                                                                                         - Ryann Pilla

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